Marine Debris is garbage that’s floating around in the ocean and is carried onto the beach with each new tide. Made mostly of plastic, marine debris is not only polluting our environment but also killing our Sea Turtles and harming Marine Life. Marine Debris is different from Litter. When you litter on the beach it gets carried out to the ocean , either by wind or tide.  Please don’t allow your litter to become marine debris.    Be a part of the solution, not the pollution.  Remember to LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS.

Bags, Bottles, Balloons

When I started my mission, I wanted to focus on 3 things that not only polluted the beach but also the environment. Plastic Bags, Bottles and Balloons are things that I find almost everyday. Here you can learn how to reduce your plastic footprint and help prevent these things from washing up on the beach.



Plastic Bag Pollution

Plastic bags are blowing around like Florida’s tumbleweeds. They are a huge nuisance to everyone that can see them hanging from trees and flying around in parking lots. We can Reduce our use of Plastic Bags with just a few simple ways:

  • Remember Your Reusable Save a Sea Turtle Bag.
  • Skip the Bag . Do you really need it.
  • Ask For Paper.
  • Recycle your Plastic Bags at your local grocery market.

Plastic Water Bottles

Even though we have some of the Best and safest Tap water in the world, we still buy over 28 Billion Bottles of water a year. 80% of used water bottles end up in the landfill and NOT recycled.  Plastic Bottles left in the heat or Sun, can leach dangerous estrogen like chemicals into our bodies. These chemicals are especially harmful to women and children.  On a per ounce basis, bottle water cost twice or more than a galloon does and it can be up to 1,000 times the cost of water. But isn’t it worth it, since they no doubt bottle it from some pristine mysterious source. Click Here to find out where your bottled water really comes from. Learn More Here about another bottled water company.



As the old saying goes, What goes up, must come down. So many just don’t know that Releasing Helium Balloons causes power outages, pollutes our environment and ends up in the ocean where our beloved Sea Turtles mistaken this flying garbage as food. Please NEVER RELEASE BALLOONS!!   For thoughtful alternatives and to learn more visit

To Report a Balloon Release in Florida Call FWC -1-888-404-3922