Everyone Loves a Beach Day! Here are a few important things to remember while visiting the Beach!

  • Protection from the Sun-  If it’s your first time at the beach, chances are your skin hasn’t been exposed to the sun. Sunscreen is important to prevent sunburn. A hat to give your head and face shade. Sunglasses to protect your eyes from squinting which causes a head ache.
  •  Bug Protection- If you like to visit the beach, you will need bug protection. Sometimes there isnt enough wind to keep the  Mosquitos, gnats, blackflies from biting. These kinds of pesky bugs are very common on Florida beaches. More often in spring and fall.
  •  Nesting Sea Turtles-  Every year beginning May 1st through the end of October, is Florida’s official start to Sea Turtle nesting season. Please obey all Laws to Help Protect our Sea Turtle Mama’s and hatchlings.

Sea Shells found in Fernandina Beach Florida.

Sea Beans, Sea Robin Skull Plate, Pottery, and things.