If You find a Sea Turtle in Need of Emergency Assistance, Stranded on the  Beach or Deceased, Please call one of the following local Sea Turtle Rescue Centers.


To report a Sea Turtle/Hatchling stranded, injured, deceased or in need of assistance, please call Mary Duffy with Amelia Island Sea Turtle Watch.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a wonderful place to visit and learn about sea turtles.


   Please call one of the following local wildlife animal rescue centers.

Ark Wildlife Care      B.E.A.K.S.                                     
    Sanctuary          Bird Rescue              
  Jonathan Howard       Cindy                
  904-424-6543       904-251-2473



If You still need assistance and can’t reach anyone above, Please Send Me a Email amy@beachjunki.org and I will help in anyway I can.