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Protect What You Love

Sea Turtle nesting season begins May 1st, and ends Oct. 31st. It is important to share information that will educate visitors on how they can help Save Sea Turtles.  3 things to remember Clean, Dark, Flat.

You Dig It, You Fill It!

Every year during the summer months, visitors enjoy the beach by digging in the sand and building sandcastles.  It is very important to remember that a hole left behind can cause harm to a nesting Sea Turtle, hatchlings and beach goers. Please help spread the word to Fill In Holes and Knock Down Sandcastles.  Sea Turtles Can’t Crawl Backwards.

Beach Junki Junior Pack


Beach Junki Junior pack includes a color sheet, 3 crayons, Turtle friendly flash light sticker, sea turtle pencil, paper straw, Beach Junki sticker.

PRINTABLE Beach Junki Junior Color Sheet