Education is the best tool we can give children that will help sea turtles survive. That is why our organization attends events and festivals to bring awareness to nesting sea turtles. 

In 2018, the children at the Hilliard Summer Camp Program were eager to learn about sea turtles and junk that washes up. They took home, stickers,pencils and education material.

 The 1st annual Fernandina Beach Pride Festival was held at Central Park in 2018. Amy and Carol shared information on how to protect sea turtles. Attendees were very supportive of our mission and we plan to join next years event.

The 2019 Wild Amelia Festival was held at the recreation center in Fernandina Beach.   The children enjoyed seeing all the different kind of toys stuck in our net. We shared sea turtle paper straws and pencils with visitors that stopped by.

 on Earth Day 2018, the girl scout troop 729 enjoyed learning about sea turtles and how they can make a diffence. everyone took home sea turtle stickers,paper straws,pencils and educational material.