Be a sea turtle hero! 

 sea turtles only crawl onto the beach to nest during the months of May thur october. If you find a sea turtle crawling back to the ocean or laying eggs, keep your distance and leave her alone.

If you find a sea turtle in distressed, injured, sick or deceased, in Nassau county, Please call

amelia island sea turtle watch (904)583-1913.

If you are at a state park or outside of Nassau county,  please contact

FWC (1-888-404-3922). 


Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

What is the exact location of the animal?

Is the turtle alive or dead?

What is the approximate size of the turtle?

Is the turtle marked with spray paint? (This may indicate that the turtle has been previously documented.)

What is the location of the closest access point to the turtle?

If the turtle is alive, please be prepared to stay with it until help arrives.

Thank You for your help.