The Washed Up Project was inspired to bring awareness to sea turtles and marine debris by creating ocean art and displaying the pieces at local beach accesses. 

Amelia was created from washed up plastic pollution that was collected from local beach clean ups. we hope the bright colors and unique items used will help bring awareness to plastic pollution and the harmful affects to sea turtles.

 How many unusal items can you identify?  Some of the things used to create Amelia are: sunglasses, pacifier, bottle caps, fishing net, beach toys, plastic utencils and misc pieces of plastic. 


“Shrimpers Paradise” was recently installed at Main Beach in Fernandina next to the beach toy borrow box. local artist Kazuki Rocha created the shrimp using shot gun shells and fishing lures. The reef and folage was made from fishing net, syrofoam pieces an misc plastic pieces.

This project was inspired to bring awareness to the plastic pollution that is washing up from our fishing industry. 

   We are happy to announce that our original Amelia the Sea Turtle has migrated to Sea Side Park for the winter. Amelia has held up to the florida elements of sunshine and high winds. We took Amelia down this summer 2022, temporarily for minor repairs.

  We would like to give a special thank you  to Kathy Russell for all her time and help with our Washed Up Project, and our sea turtle grant. We couldn’t have done it without her support. Kathy is a gem to this community and I am a much better person for knowing her.