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Welcome to Beach Junki

Our Mission

To rasise public awareness of the need to keep the beach clean and safe for nesting sea turtles.

Our Goal

To spread the word about the different kind of beach junk washing up, the treasures and the trash.



The Washed Up Project

We use marine debris as building materials to create ocean-themed art work to be displayed at local beaches to help raise awareness of the harmful effects of plastic pollution to the environment.

Amelia Sea Turtle

 Our first Washed Up Project is called  Amelia Sea Turtle.  It was created by local artist, Sandra Baker-Hinton, who used washed up sunglasses, bottle caps and plastic pieces to contruct the recognizable art work.   Amelia Sea Turtle  is currently displayed at Seaside Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida.   To learn more about the artist, visit Clay Times Art Center in downtown Fernandina Beach.


Shrimpers Paradise

The second art work constucted from marine debris is called Shrimpers Paradise. It was created by college student artist, Kazuki Roca, who used washed up shotgun shells, and fishing lures to construct an underwater scene.  Shrimpers Paradise is displayed at Main Beach in Fernandina Beach, Florida, next to the Beach Toy Borrow Box.

We need your help

 We are passionate about protecting sea turtles  and inspiring the community to keep the beach clean. Our goal is to extend our clean-ups and outreach programs to local counties to reach more beach goers.  Please consider a donation to help with the purchase of a reliable used van to transport our supplies outside of our area. No amount is too small. Thank you for your support. 


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