Sea Turtle nesting season for Fernandina Beach begins May1st and ends Oct. 31st.

 you can help save sea turtles by keeping the beach clean, dark and flat. 

  It takes a lot of energy for a Sea Turtle to crawl on the beach and lay her eggs. Chairs and tents  left on the beach can become obstacles and cause a Sea Turtle to get trapped, then will need to be rescued.

Sea Turtles nest in the dark.  lights can disturb a nesting sea turtle and cause her not to nest.

  Only sea turtle friendly flashlights are allowed on the beach at night.

   Sea Turtles can’t crawl backwards!

 Holes left behind can be dangerous to sea turtles and beach walkers. Nesting Sea Turtles can fall in holes, get trapped and will need to be rescued.

 This is an example of the inside of a sea turtle nest. THE EGG CHAMBER IS LONG AND NARROW BUT ROUND AT THE BOTTOM LIKE A BOWL. It is sometimes described as an upsidedown light bulb.

aFTER 62 DAYS IN THE NEST, THE HATCHLINGS CRAWL OUT And run as FAST AS THEY CAN TO THE OCEAN. They will spend about 25 years out in the ocean, before returning to nest on the same beach where they were born. 

Loggerhead Hatchling

Juvenile Green Sea Turtle