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Did you know?

Plastic pollution is a major threat to sea turtles and our environment? Every morning, with the new tide, marine junk washes up on the beach. Trash left behind by beachgoers is carried to the ocean and becomes marine debris. Sea turtles mistakenly eat floating plastic bags thinking it is jellyfish.

Junk and Trash Everywhere!

The constant stream of junk that washes up every day includes: plastic bottles, glow sticks, fishing lures, balloon strings, shotgun shells, and smaller pieces of broken down plastic.  This kind of plastic breaks up and contributes to the microplastic pollution.

Have you ever lost a pair of sunglasses in the ocean?


Over the years, we have found over 800 pairs of sunglasses that have washed up.  Many of these sunglasses are expensive but  99%  of them are damaged by the time that they wash up.

Beach Junki is a 501c(3) non-profit founded in Fernandina Beach Florida in 2020. Our organization depends on your support to help fund the cost of our outreach programs and educational materials to distribute at events. Thank you for donating to our mission.


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