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While doing daily beach cleanups, Beach Junki founder, Amy Beach, has seen a variety of unique things washed up on the beach – two different denture plates, a message in a bottle,  pottery from 1800’s, a 1950’s medicine bottle with a 4 digit phone number, an 8 track cassette tape, a GoPro camera,  and even a kitchen sink! Because of the unusual findings and experiences during clean-ups,  local magazines and newspapers have shared special stories with the community.


Fort Clinch volunteer makes a clinching discovery

One September morning in 2016,  Amy was doing what she does best, cleaning the beach,  when she looked down to find a denture plate washed up with a name inside.  She wondered if she could find the owner.  After a quick search on social media, she was able to return them to the thankful owner.  A few days later, the owner reached out to Amy, saying “I’m thinking of you, while I crack these crab legs with my teeth.” 

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Another denture plate found!

Amazingly on June 15, 2018,  Amy found a second denture plate!  She  made a plea on social media and the owner’s granddaughter saw the post and contacted him.  When Amy met with him to return the denture, he said he had lost both top and bottom denture plates.  Now, if Amy ends up finding another denture plate, it will surely make world news.

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Washed Up, the woman that wants your trash.

 The first magazine to publish a story about Beach Junki is Folio Weekly 2.0.  The October 2020 issue written by Isa Barrientos  tells the story of “Washed Up” and how Beach Junki  was founded. The magazine features our founder Amy Beach on the cover!

Behind the cover

“For October, Folio bucked the usual spooky cover in favor of something even scarier: the harsh
realities of climate change, over consumption and American excess. 
Amy , the first singular person to grace the cover of Folio 2.0, spends her days cleaning up, and then taking home, your trash. Our over consumption has now consumed her life.  Let’s all do our part to make her life a little easier:”

       “Clean up after yourself. “


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You may know, but did you know?

Amelia Islander Magazine published the story written by Mandy Haynes  in thier February 2021 issue on how Beach Junki was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. 

Amazing Amelia Sea Turtle

Amelia Sea Turtle’s story was published in the May 2021 edition of the News-Leader . Amelia is the first installment of our Washed Up Project. Marla Mcdaniels  writes the story on how the dream to create Amelia Sea Turtle became a reality.

Earth Day Event to Welcome Nesting Sea Turtles

Our annual Earth Day Event to welcome nesting sea turtles was featured on the front page of the April 2023 edition of the Fernandina Beach News-Leader. We had over 50 volunteers sign up and listen to our Turtle Talk and reminded everyone that May 1st starts sea turtle nesting season. Volunteers picked up litter and took a guess at the sunglasses guessing game. 

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Thank you for supporting our mission to keep the beach clean and safe for nesting sea turtles. Your generous gift will fund our outreach programs, the Washed Up Project, and the Beach Toy Borrow Boxes.


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