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"Sea Turtle & Trash Talk"

To help protect Florida’s nesting sea turtles, we  love to talk about trash and sea turtles at our outreach programs.  Contact us if you would like to schedule an event for your group. 

Fort Clinch

Our first Earth Day event was held in 2018 at Fort Clinch State Park.  While volunteering on Fort Clinch’s Sea Turtle Patrol Team, Amy shared valuable information about sea turtles with the members of the local Girl Scout Troop #729.  The scout members learned about the importance of keeping beaches clean and took home turtle stickers, paper drinking straws, pencils, and sea shells.


Pride Festival

The 1s Fernandina Beach Pride Festival was held at Central Park on June 9, 2018.  Amy and Carol of Beach Junki, shared information on how to keep the beaches clean and safe for sea turtles.  Visitors enjoyed listening to Amy talk about sea turtles and were supportive of their mission. 

Hilliard Youth Campers

 In 2018,  Amy traveled back to her hometown of Hilliard, Florida, to talk with the Hilliard Summer Youth Campers.  The children were eager to learn about sea turtles, sea shells, and the marine debris that washes up from the ocean.  They took home sea turtle stickers, pencils, paper drinking straws, and educational materials.

Wild Amelia Festival

The Wild Amelia Nature Festival was held in May 2019 at the recreation center in Fernandina Beach. The children enjoyed seeing the different kinds of toys stuck in our display net.  We showed a molted horseshoe crab, sea shells, and some of the beach  toys found washed up on the beach.  We handed out sea turtle stickers,  paper drinking straws, pencils, and educational literature.  

Osprey Village

On Earth Day, April 22, 2022, Amy and Angela gave a presentation at the Osprey Village Community Center about the need to keep the beaches clean.  The residents heard stories about the debris that washes up from the ocean, particularly after a storm or high winds.  They were especially entertained by stories about the two sets of dentures that washed up.  The residents were happy to know that Beach Junki organization is making a positive difference in the community, and protecting sea turtles.

Contact for Outreach Programs

If you would like more information on our outreach program, complete the form on this page and we can schedule a “Sea Turtle & Trash Talk” event for your group.

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Thank you for supporting our mission to keep the beach clean and safe for nesting sea turtles. Your generous gift will fund our outreach programs, the Washed Up Project, and the Beach Toy Borrow Boxes.         


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